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The Subcommittee on Pulse Techniques (SCOPT) works under the Instrumentation and Measurement Society Technical Committee TC-10, Waveform Measurement and Analysis. It maintains the standard IEEE Standard 181, IEEE Standard on Transitions, Pulses and Related Waveforms.

This standard was revised and the revision officially published by the IEEE in July 2003 and is the IEEE Std181-2003.  This standard supercedes the IEEE Std 181-1974 and Std194-1977.  The front matter of the standard, including the table of contents, is available from the following link: IEEE Std 181-2003 Front Matter (PDF)

The IEEE-SA Standards Board approved a PAR to revise Std 181-2003 on May 19, 2008.  Work is to be completed by December 31, 2012.  Revisions will include correcting errors, adding information on impulse-like waveforms and, developing reference waveforms for comparison and evaluation of algorithm performance. The chairman is hoping to coordinate this revision process with that of similar IEC documents, namely, the IEC 60469-1 and -2.  Nick Paulter, the SCOPT chairman, is also the convener of IEC MT 18 of its TC-85 which is responsible for these two IEC standards.

Current Project

The committee is currently in the process of revising IEEE Std181-2003. The committee is also interested in assembling algorithms that generate example signals that can be used to test and compare implementations of the algorithms used in the standard.  Anyone wishing to contribute should contact one of the people listed below.

SCOPT is currently exploring various options with the IEC for them to consider adopting the Std 181-2003 in part or whole, as they did previously with the Stds 181-1974 and 194-1977.

For More Information

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