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IEEE P1817 Standard for
Consumer-ownable Digital Personal Property

In the physical world, when you give something you no longer have it. In the digital world, giving something to another means giving them a copy &mdash one must assume that you still have your own copy &mdash to give is to share.

How it Works

  • Purchase and download.
  • Use &mdash just hit the play button.
  • Make backups &mdash store anywhere on any storage medium.
  • Give or share &mdash send playable copies anywhere, to anyone.
  • Transform &mdash edit, annotate, mix, retarget for different formats and future standards.
  • Enjoy privacy, autonomy, vendor and platform independence, no tethers, and no Big Brothers.
  • In other words, do everything that you can do with DRM-free files.

The Difference is in the Player: Give and Take

  • Every DPP player has a share (give) button
    • Pressing the share button makes DPP items available to other players.
    • Any sharing player can add more sharers.
    • Sharing groups are uniquely establishable for each DPP item.
  • Every DPP player has a take (own) button.
    • Whoever presses the take button first is the new owner.
    • Only the taker's player can play it.

The Net Effect

  • No stranger sharing &mdash consumers only share with people they trust.
  • DPP is giftable, resellable, inheritable &mdash valuable.
  • Consumers have vested interest in DPP integrity
    • Their purchases retain monetary value.
    • Without usage restrictions, they have no motivation to tamper.
  • Only DPP fully fits the consumer notion of personal property ownership.
    • The power to use your property however you choose.
    • The power to choose who to include.
    • The power to choose who to exclude.

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(Modified: 25 February 2011)