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IEEE P1817 Standard for
Consumer-ownable Digital Personal Property

Join the Working Group

Just write to

Your involvement and participation in the P1817 Working Group are appreciated, whether you have particular technical, legal, or business expertise or just have a passion for finding common ground between suppliers and consumers. Some of the areas in which we need experienced contributors include:

  • Consumer Rights
  • DRM Governance / C&R Regimes
  • Copyright and EULAs
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Information Security
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Distributed Computing
  • Network Protocols
  • Consumer Device Networking
  • IEEE Standards Development

Much of our work will be accomplished by individuals working in locations scattered around the world. Direct Email, the group email reflector, conference calls, and face-to-face meetings will all be employed. Even if you have little or no opportunity to travel for in-person meetings, you can still participate and contribute to the effort.

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