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IEEE P1817 Standard for
Consumer-ownable Digital Personal Property

Working Group Officers

Name Affiliation Position
Paul Sweazey Self Chair
Michael Johas Teener Broadcom, Inc. Vice-Chair
Chirag Warty UCLA Secretary

Voting Members

Name Affiliation
Ed Barrett Self
Frank Hartung Ericsson
Allen Huotari Cisco
Jonathan Hubert Lexar Media, Inc.
Beau Hunter Global Intellectual Property Securities
Ton Kalker Hewlett Packard
Robert Kisor Paramount Pictures
Jim Lawson MSB Associates
Scott Lis IEEE IPC
Prasad Modali Intel
Swati Phanse Self
Wade Riddick Self
Matthew R. Schantz Bingham McHale LLP
Craig Seidel Motion Picture Laboratories
Brian Smithson Ricoh Americas Corporation
Donald Steiny ByteShield
Eva Sweazey Self
Paul Sweazey Self
Mitch Tanenbaum iPhase3 Corporation
Charles Thill Bitwise Legal
Ravindra Velhal Intel
Chirag Warty UCLA
Michael G. Williams UCLA

Non-voting Members

Name Affiliation
Dr. Wole Akpose HTN Solutions
Pedro Luis Chas Alonso UPM
Hu Bin Huawei
Matthew Block OpNext, Inc.
Patrick E. Caldwell Esq. The Caldwell Firm, LLC
Brad Cox Technica
Bob Davis IEEE C/MSC
Gerard Draper SECOM, University of the Balearic Islands
Jeroen Doumen Irdeto
Nahum D. Gerson Mitre
Norman Gillaspie Transparent Video Systems
Adam Goldberg AGP, LLC
Fred Fuchs Lightsaber Consulting LLC
John Harauz Jonic Systems Engineering, Inc.
Lee Holaar University of Utah
James Hughes Huawei
Peter Kaars Technicolor
Vitus Lam Hong Kong University
Paul Lambert Marvel Semiconductor
Curtis Lavery UC, California Digital Library
Michael Losavio University of Louisville
Andy Lynn Self
Christian Olsson ByteShield
Michael Johas Teener Broadcom, Inc.
Scott Waite ContentGuard
Bob Weber
Rachel Wilson ITT Technical Institute

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(Modified: 25 February 2011)