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IEEE P1888.4 Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network (UGCCNet):
Green Smart Home and Residential Quarter Standard Working Group

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG).


Chair: XiangJun Zhu
Secretary: Zhaofu Wang
IEEE Staff Liaison: Soo Kim
Email: s.h.kim@ieee.org

Title: Green Smart Home and Residential Quarter Control Network Protocol

Scope: This standard provides protocols for measurement and control networks for home and residential quarters so that they can achieve green, smarter functions. It specifies the interactive data format between devices and systems; and it gives standardized definitions of the sensor, actuator, and equipment and data communication interfaces.

This standard also includes:
- The data format definition for configuration and management-oriented functions
- The data format definition for deployment and control-oriented functions
- The method of definition for conformance tests and interoperability tests

Purpose: The traditional concept of using an industrial field bus for building automation is an idea from the industrial age. As we move towards a green and smarter planet, this concept should be changed. Homes and residential quarters of the future will be green, smarter, and comfortable. To realize ubiquitous green energy conservation for homes and residential quarters, the convenience of digital measurements and controls needs to be integrated with computers, software, and the Internet to create smart homes and residential quarters. This standard aims to provide communication protocols and collaborating management solutions for green community control networks, and it specifies the definition and data structure between field equipment, sensors, actuators, equipment produced by various manufacturers, and connections to the Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network (UGCCNet). It includes the gateway for different existing field buses.

Need for the Project: New smart terminals, such as smart phones (e.g., iPhone), tablet PCs (e.g., iPad, Surface), IEEE 802.11 for wireless fidelity (e.g., WiFi), and Internet Protocol version 6/ Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv6/IPv4), together with existing and improving sensors, actuators, and equipment, are being connected by green, smarter networks. These advanced products are much cheaper and popular, but they are now smarter than the traditional industrial-type field buses used in existing building automation.
This standard is based on IEEE 1888, which defines UGCCNet. In order to meet the needs of field network development for UGCCNet, it is necessary to develop appropriate standards to define that protocol.

This standard is based on IEEE 1888 in two aspects:
1) Sensors, actuators, equipment, and intelligent terminals are connected to field buses, which are connected into measurement and control networks of homes and residential quarters through gateways, and the green smarter functions are operated at application level.
2) The network protocol directly uses the IEEE 1888 protocol for communication between sensors, actuators, equipment, and smarter terminals to carry out the green smart functions of homes, residential quarters and buildings. This proposed standard is compatible with traditional field buses for homes and buildings.