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IEEE P1894

IEEE P1893 Measurement of DC transmission Line and
Earth Electrode Line Parameters Working Group

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG).


Chair: Jianming Li
IEEE Staff Liaison: Soo Kim
Email: s.h.kim@ieee.org

Title:Guide for the Measurement of DC Transmission Line and Earth Electrode Line Parameters

Scope: This guide provides testing methods for direct current (DC) transmission line impedance and gives reference-defined values for the test results. The methods include electrical parameters of the main current of the DC system circuit that is constituted by the DC line, earth electrode, the earth electrode leads, etc.

This guide includes the measuring instruments, various tests for the whole measuring system, and specific implementation methods. It is applicable to DC transmission lines and earth electrode line parameters.

Purpose: In order to improve the security and stability of power grids, fault-line current calculations depend on the actual testing parameters of the DC transmission line. This allows utilities to detect the fault point when a breakdown occurs. It is necessary to develop a uniform standard to provide technical guidance for the measurement of the line-frequency characteristic, the DC resistance, and the earth electrode parametric for these DC transmission lines.

Need for the Project: At present, DC transmission lines are at work all over the world, but there is no current standard that addresses their parameter testing. Therefore, a standard for DC control and protection system setting, optimized to provide accurate and detailed methodologies, is desirable.

Project History:
PAR gained SASB approval on 14 June, 2013
PAR gained recommended approval by NesCom on 13 June, 2013