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IEEE P1893

IEEE P1894 Online Monitoring and Recording Systems for Transient Overvoltage in Electric Power Systems Working Group

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG).


Chair: Yanqiu Bi
IEEE Staff Liaison: Soo Kim
Email: s.h.kim@ieee.org

Title: Guide for Online Monitoring and Recording Systems for Transient Overvoltages in Electric Power Systems

Scope: This guide presents methods for online monitoring and recording of transient overvoltages in power systems. It applies to the measurement and recording of transient overvoltages in power stations, transmission lines, and substations including high voltage (HV), extra-high voltage (EHV), and ultra-high voltage (UHV) systems.

Purpose: There is no unified standard serving as technical guidance for transient overvoltage real-time monitoring in power systems. This increases the difficulty of judging equipment failure that may have been caused by transient overvoltages, mainly because the results of measurements are not accurate because they are determined by different measuring methods. By specifying these transient overvoltage measurement methods, accurate and standardized results can help determine the real cause of equipment failure.

Need for the Project: The guide is being developed for the real-time monitoring of transient overvoltage. The relevant standards, research results, and engineering experience will be considered. In addition to research about overvoltage measuring methods and inclusion of practical site experience, the data of monitor transient overvoltage appearing in power system will be also required.