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IEEE 1905.1 - 2013
Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network
for Heterogeneous Technologies

Report on the P1905.1 WG meeting, 5-7 April 2011

Meeting 2
5-7 April 2011
Vienna, Austria

At the 5-7 April 2011 meeting of the Convergent Digital Home Network working group (WG), the following actions were taken:

  • The electronic ballot of Purva Rajkotia, Atheros, as Vice-Chair of the WG was confirmed.
  • It was confirmed that the electronic ballots that were run in January 2011 via email on the Definitions and Technical Requirements documents yielded 47% approval and thus both ballots failed (both required 66% to pass). Comment resolution was achieved on the 180 comments received related to these ballots, and new contributions on same were discussed. By the end of the meeting, the WG unanimously approved 10 Definitions and 18 Technical Requirements (TRs).
    • 3 TRs for Architecture
    • 7 TRs for Network set up
    • 2 TRs for interoperability with legacy devices
    • 6 TRs for Link/Path Selection
  • Contributions related to Architecture and the Table of Contents were discussed.
  • The working group voted to apply for a unique OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) and a unique EtherType for exclusive use by IEEE P1905.1.
  • The next WG meeting will be held in Boston, MA, USA on 28-30 June 2011.
Paul Houzé

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Paris, France, 14-16 December 2010

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