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Software-Defined Quantum Communication Working Group

This project is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society/Standards Development Board (COM/SDB)

  Title: Software-Defined Quantum Communication

  Scope:   This standard defines the Software-Defined Quantum Communication (SDQC) protocol that enables configuration of quantum
endpoints in a communication network in order to dynamically create, modify, or remove quantum protocols or applications. This protocol
resides at the application layer and communicates over Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The protocol design facilitates future
integration with Software-Defined Networking and Open Networking Foundation OpenFlow. The standard defines a set of quantum device
configuration commands that control the transmission, reception, and operation of quantum states. These device commands contain parameters
that describe quantum state preparation, measurement, and readout.

  Purpose:  The purpose of the Software Defined Quantum Communication (SDQC) standard is to define a classical interface to quantum
communication devices that permits these devices to be reconfigured to implement a variety of protocols and measurements.

  Need for the Project:   There are numerous quantum communication products and protocols under development, but there is no consistent
manner in which they are controlled or interact. Implementing, modifying, or integrating with the protocols in these systems often requires
interaction at a very primitive level. A defined interface with quantum communication devices can greatly simplify integration efforts and can
enable the development of higher level programming tools.

Working Group Officers

Stephen Bush

Vice Chair
Dr. Duncan Earl

Christian Weedbrook

IEEE Staff Liaison
Brenda Mancuso