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Haptic Codecs

Title: Haptic Codecs for the Tactile Internet

Scope:  This standard defines haptic codecs for the Tactile Internet (TI). These codecs address TI application scenarios where the human is in the loop (i.e. teleoperation or remote touch applications) as well as scenarios that rely on machine remote control. The standard defines (perceptual) data reduction algorithms and schemes for both closed-loop (kinesthetic information exchange) and open-loop (tactile information exchange) communication. These codecs are designed such that they can be combined with stabilizing control and local communication architectures for time-delayed teleoperation. Further, the standard also specifies mechanisms and protocols for the exchange of the capabilities (e.g. workspace, the number of degrees of freedom, amplitude range, temporal and spatial resolution, etc.) of the haptic devices.

Purpose: This standard provides haptic codecs for the Tactile Internet enabling the interoperability of different haptic (kinesthetic and tactile) input and output devices. Such interoperability is necessary to achieve necessary market scale in the realization of Tactile Internet technologies, devices and applications.

Need for the Project: Tactile Internet applications require standardized haptic codecs that enable interoperability among multiple haptic interfaces. For closed-loop communication, the codecs need to be jointly designed with the control and local communications architecture required for time-delayed teleoperation. For open-loop communication, although the exchange of tactile information is less time critical, it is nevertheless essential to standardize codecs for the emerging tactile sensing and feedback devices (e.g. tactile displays, tactile gloves, etc.).

How to Participate?

This standard will be developed by the Haptic Codec Task Group (P1918.1.1) of the IEEE Tactile Internet Working Group (P1918.1). If you wish to participate in the Task Group, please first join in the parent working group through the following steps:

  1. Go to: http://development.standards.ieee.org,
  2. Log in with your IEEE user name and password, making sure "myProject" is selected in the drop-down box,
  3. Click "Manage Activity Profile",
  4. Click the "+" next to "IEEE Communications Society", then the "+" next to "Standards Development Board",
  5. Click the check box next to "Tactile Internet",
  6. Click "CONTINUE",
  7. Enter your affiliation,
  8. Confirm the prompt on the next page.

Please also email both Oliver Holland (Chair of P1918.1) and Eckehard Steinbach (Chair of P1918.1.1) to inform that you have done this. The "Subject" field of your email should be "Joined Tactile Internet (Haptic Codecs)".

After following these steps, you will be added to the mailing list and will be kept updated on future meetings and participation means. Should you wish to fast-track your addition to the mailing list (or if you are not an IEEE member), you can also click on the "Public email reflector" link in the left menu, and follow the instructions there to be added.

Task Group Officers

Eckehard Steinbach

Vice Chair
Mohamad Eid

Qian Liu

IEEE Staff Liaison
Soo Kim