Minutes of the Bioinformatics Standards Committee P1953 Meeting
Monday, March 28, 2005

Vincent Yau, Oregon Health Sciences
Jean Adams, Student
Asim Siddiqui, Genome Sciences Center, Vancouver
John Murray - Now at Stanford Research Institute (formerly Pacifica)
Jennifer Postel, National Toxigenomics
Bob Davis - from the Microprocessors Standards Committee (BSC sponsoring committee)
Dan Zuras - (IEEE, advisor)
Suzanna Lewis, UC Berkeley
Betty Cheng (recorder)
David James (MSC)

Vote to adopt the Operating Policies and Procedures (see the minutes from the last meeting) for the BSC
Vote for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary of the BSC

The meeting began with questions about procedures including requirements to attend BSC meetings (none, these are open meetings), qualifications to vote (IEEE membership is not required, attendance at least two prior meetings is required).

Membership in a subcommittee? - same as BSC
How does a new standard get formed? Start a new Project Authorization Request (PAR)
Subcommittee will create their own policies and procedures
Subcommittees report to the BSC and MSC

BSC is parallel and part of the MSC

Officers of the BSC should be members of the IEEE

About 3-4 officers are needed

When all the questions had been answered, a vote to adopt the Operating Policies and Procedures was taken.

After counting, all present vote unanimously to adopt the operating policies and procedures.

We proceeded to the vote for the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. In the last meeting, there was a call for nominations to be submitted to Bob Davis. Bob reported no nominations. We accepted nominations from the floor.

Vicky Markstein was nominated for the Chair; all present voted yes.
Suzanna Lewis was nominated as Vice-Chair; all present voted yes.
Betty Cheng was nominated Secretarary; all present voted yes.

The next meeting of the BSC will be held April 25th at 9 AM.

The next part of the meeting consisted of a discussion on how to set up subcommittees.

There was interest in multiple areas - SO; flow cytometry, Biospice?
In order to set up subcommittees - a PAR needs to be created.
Bob David to send Suzanna Lewis the PAR for 1953 - Suzanna to use as template for the SO subcommittee.
Bob & Suzanna to complete off-line.

Where do we submit PAR for approval? The MSC approves PAR's for the BSC.

The next meeting of the MSC is April 11th, 2005. The MSC meets on a quarterly schedule. Approval requires 3 to 6 months typically.

Key points for a PAR - What is the scope, purpose and justification for the project. The whole PAR should be about 1 page. It is possible to amend a PAR if necessary but careful with the scope and purpose.

Scheduling - April 11th is too soon. First, present the request to the MSC on April 11th, then present an update to the BSC on April 25th. If the BSC approves, then request authorization at the July meeting of the MSC.

There being no other matters the meeting adjourned.

With thanks,
Betty Cheng, Secretary
BSC Working Group, IEEE
Contact: 650-723-2380

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