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IEEE Year 2000 Standards

IEEE understands the global technology impact of the Year 2000 faced by all industries. Sponsored by the Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC) of the IEEE Computer Society, the published standards IEEE Std 2000.1-1999 and IEEE Std 2000.2-1999 are now available to the public to download via our Web site, at no charge, as valuable resources to benefit industry and their Year 2000 efforts.

IEEE Std 2000.1-1999 -- IEEE Standard for Information Technology -- Year 2000 Terminology

IEEE Std 2000.1-1999 defines the terms and concepts necessary for addressing Y2K issues for information technology. The standard revises a previous standard, approved in 1998, and includes changes in requirements for claims of conformance. The new standard specifies that components and systems perform correct date processing for a minimum of 10 years, including 1999 and 2000.

IEEE Std 2000.2-1999 -- IEEE Recommended Practice for Information Technology -- Year 2000 Test Methods

This recommended practice describes the process, test methods, and remediation for Year 2000 assessment and validation. It is intended for individuals or organizations that develop, test, acquire, or use software, firmware, or hardware. Due to the extremely wide range of platforms and applications that are being tested for Y2K problems, this document cannot claim to provide a complete or rigorous solution. Further, the document is not intended to be used as a Y2K compliance verification suite. Rather, it is an extensive compendium of recommended testing methods, only some of which may be applicable for any single system or component.

Download Free IEEE Std 2000 Documents

IEEE standards are normally available only on a fee basis. However, as a public service, the IEEE Standards Association is providing download access to these standards as either approved drafts or in their final form at no charge. Printed copies of the standards may be purchased from IEEE Customer Service by calling +1 800-678-4333.

Please note that you will be asked to fill in your name and email address prior to receiving your Y2K standard. Providing your name and email address will allow the IEEE Standards Association to inform you of updates, revisions, and any other changes or news concerning the IEEE Std 2000 documents. This information will be used for internal IEEE purposes only.


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For more information on these IEEE Computer Society standards, contact the working group chair, Lowell Johnson, UNISYS Corporation.
Phone: +1 651 635 7305

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