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Working Group for Standard Technical Specifications of a DC Quick Charger for Use with Electric Vehicles

This project is sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society/Intelligent Transportation Systems (VT/ITS).

  Title: Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions

  Scope: This standard defines requirements for the designs of electric vehicles and DC quick chargers that promotes safe and rapid charging   between electric vehicles and DC quick chargers. This document defines requirements pertaining to collaborative actions between electric vehicles   and quick chargers. Design firms and   manufacturers shall undertake detailed design work to promote safe and efficient charging circuits in line   with relevant international specifications.

  Need for the Project: In an evolving industry, specifications and requirements for the promotion of safe and efficient DC quick charging   applications is crucial to the further deployment and development of the electric vehicle community.

  For more information, view the approved PAR.

WG Officers

Joseph Thompson

David Patterson

Secretary - IEEE Staff
Jonathan Goldberg

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