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Working Group for the Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of
Grid Customer Demand Response Effect Monitoring

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG).

  Title: Guide for the Benefit Evaluation of Electric Power Grid Customer Demand Response

  Scope: This standard provides a comprehensive benefit evaluation method for demand response effect monitoring of electric grid customers. The
  benefits include direct economic benefits, collective benefits, extended benefits, energy saving benefits, and emission reduction benefits. This
  standard will also build evaluation indices and multiple methods to calculate these indices. These methods will take into account user types,
  demand response types, weather variations, and other factors. This standard may be used to understand the comprehensive benefits of customer
  demand response conditions and to develop effective demand response programs.

  Need for the Project: With the development of smart grid technology, demand response gets more and more attention by many governments and
  power grid companies. So far, there are no unified indices, methods, or international standards to evaluate the effect of customer demand
  response, so it is necessary to establish a standard to monitor and evaluate the effect of work demand response.

  For more information, view the approved PAR.

WG Officers

Peng Li

Naihi Li

Yang Li

IEEE-SA Liaison
Jonathan Goldberg


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