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Working Group for Standard Format for LSI-Package-Board Interoperable Design (C/DA/LPB)

This project is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society/Design Automation (C/DA).

  Title: Standard Format for LSI-Package-Board Interoperable Design

  Scope: This standard defines a common interoperable format used for the design of (a) Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuits, (b) Packages
  for such LSI circuits and (c) Printed Circuit Boards on which the packaged LSI circuits are interconnected. Collectively such designs are referred to   as "LSI-Package-Board" designs. The format provides a common way to specify information/data about the project management,
  net lists, components, design rules, and geometries used in LSI-Package-Board designs.

  Purpose: The general purpose of this standard is to develop a common format that LSI-Package-Board design tools can use to exchange   information/data seamlessly, as opposed to having to work with multiple different input and output formats.

  Need for the Project: Because techniques for the design of LSI circuits, packages and printed circuit boards evolved separately,
  the software used for such designs typically employ different formats even when accessing identical information and data. The use of these
  differing formats presents a barrier to the natural information flow between software tools used for LSI-Package-Board design. The common format   to be standardized will eliminate this barrier, and achieve seamless information/data exchange between LSI-Package-Board software tools.

  For more information, view the approved PAR.

WG Officers

Yoshinori Fukuba

Vice Chair
Yukio Masuko

Genichi Tanaka

IEEE-SA Liaison
Jonathan Goldberg

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