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Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT)

IEEE P2413 Scope:

This standard defines an architectural framework for the Internet of Things (IoT), including descriptions of various IoT domains, definitions of IoT domain abstractions, and identification of commonalities between different IoT domains. The architectural framework for IoT provides a reference model that defines relationships among various IoT verticals (e.g., transportation, healthcare, etc.) and common architecture elements. It also provides a blueprint for data abstraction and the quality "quadruple" trust that includes protection, security, privacy, and safety." Furthermore, this standard provides a reference architecture that builds upon the reference model. The reference architecture covers the definition of basic architectural building blocks and their ability to be integrated into multi-tiered systems. The reference architecture also addresses how to document and, if strived for, mitigate architecture divergence. This standard leverages existing applicable standards and identifies planned or ongoing projects with a similar or overlapping scope.

The Project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG), and co-spnsored by the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society - Standards Committee (CES/SC), the IEEE Communications Society - Power Line Communications (COM/PLC), the IEEE Communications Society - Standards Development Board (COM/SDB) and the IEEE Computer Society - Cloud Computing Standards Committee (C/CCSC). For more information on this project, please contact the Chair or IEEE-SA Staff.

Meeting Report from January 2019 (Shenzhen)

The WG held a successful meeting in Shenzhen on Jan 23-25, 2019.  The meeting was hosted by Huawei Technologies. Mr. Min Liu, Director of EBG industry solution, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the meeting host highlighting the importance of the work in both P2413 and P2413.1 (Standard for a Reference Architecture for Smart City) projects.
The WG considered all comments received in the initial Sponsor Ballot of the P2413 project and developed resolutions to address the comments.
The WG also made a significant step forward with the development of the P2413.1 Draft. Six contributions on smart cities scenarios, requirements, capabilities, and platforms were submitted and discussed in detail by the WG:
•    Huawei “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - Smart Airport Scenario and Requirements.doc”
•    Xiong’an, Huawei “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - Smart Campus Scenario and Requirements.doc”
•    Xiong’an, Huawei “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - Smart City IoC Scenario and Requirements.doc”
•    Huawei “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - Unified Connectivity Service.doc”
•    Xiong’an, Huawei “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - Video Analytics.doc”
•    Kaspersky “P2413.1-D0.0.2 - SmartCity Security Safety Privacy.pptx”
The WG agreed to accept the content proposed in these contributions for inclusion into the P2413.1 Draft.
The WG concluded the meeting with setting ambitious goals for a broad industry engagement through liaisons and public open houses. The first public event focused on the work of the P2413.1 Project is planned for this spring in Europe and will be announced shortly.  

Archived Meeting Reports:

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Oleg Logvinov
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