IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 14
Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement

This site is maintained as the public face of IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 14, Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement (SCC 14). It has the following purposes:

Our work centers around the International System of units, sybmolized as SI. This is sometimes called the "modern metric system" or simply as the "metric system". By "metric system", the U.S. Government and IEEE mean the SI.

This site represents a small group, many of whom are volunteers, working together to achieve consensus. The specifics of our work should be expected to change from time to time. We monitor changes in the SI, as promulgated by the CIPM/BIPM, activities of other standards generating organizations (NIST, ISO, IEC, etc.). We track the progess of metric education in U.S. schools and progress toward full metrication by the U.S. Government and state governments. And we react accordingly in carrying out our efforts. This material is copyrighted by IEEE and all rights are retained by the IEEE.



The committee does most of its work by means of electronic and telephonic communication. We hold annual face-to-face meetings with conference call capability for members who cannot physically attend. The next meeting will be held:
     2009 April 23
     NIST Headquarters, Gaithersburg MD
The IEEE/ASTM Joint Committee for Maintaining SI 10 will meet following the above SCC 14 meeting and in the same location.

Comments from the public are welcomed. The committee's maillist is closed in order to allow private group discussion, but suggestions and comments from the public will be cross-posted by the chair if the originator desires. If you wish to have your suggestion or comment forwarded to the group please send an e-mail message to the chair at Ensure that you explicitly state "please post" or "please forward" in the text of your message. Otherwise, your communication will be considered private.


This area is provided to permit the working group a private area in which to work privately. The public has opportunity provided above by which to comment. Also, the working group's finished draft with the proposed changes will undergo the normal IEEE procedures for public comment and voting. This area is password-protected and may be accessed by clicking here for the Private Page Menu.

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