P2600 : Hardcopy Device and System Security




The 14th meeting of the IEEE P2600 Working Group was held on October 24-25 with in Chicago, IL, with PWG:

The next meeting of the IEEE P2600 Working Group will be held on October 24-25 with PWG, in downtown Chicago at the Radisson Hotel at 160 E. Huron. The reservation phone number at this hotel is (312)787-2900. Ask for the PWG or IEEE-ISTO rate, which is $199/night. The block reservation was reserved only until October 7, but you may still be able to talk them into this rate if they have rooms available.

Meeting registration is available now, and registration is required.
There is a meeting fee of US$84.00 per person per day to cover meeting facilities. Refer to the registration page for terms and conditions.
You can register for P2600 or PWG or both on this page:


PLEASE NOTE: WE EXPECT TO MEET FOR TWO FULL DAYS, so plan your return travel accordingly.


DRAFT P2600 Agenda Items (Starting at 9AM both days):

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Update and Approve Agenda
  • Review and approve September Minutes
  • IEEE Patent Policy Review
  • 2005 Meeting Schedule
  • 2006 Meeting Schedule
  • Update on TCG
  • Update on INCITS CS1 Working Group
  • Review of Action Items from September Meeting
  • Other Topics from e-mail, other
  • Document Review (from comments database):
    • Clauses 1-8
    • High Security PP
  • Document Review: Enterprise PP
  • Document Review: SoHo PP
  • Document Review: Public PP
  • Other items
  • Next meeting details
  • Summarize and record action items


Meeting Documentation:



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