P2600 : Hardcopy Device and System Security



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 DRAFT P2600 Agenda Items (Starting at 9AM both days):

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Update and Approve Agenda
  • Review and approve April Minutes
  • IEEE Patent Policy Review 
  • 2007 Meeting Schedule
  • Update on TCG
  • Update on INCITS CS1 Working Group (Thrasher)
  • Update of CC Vendor's Forum (Sukert)
  • Review of Action Items from April Meeting
  • Discussion and Decision on threat model for P2600 main and PPs
    • Smithson Proposal (draft)
    • Discussion of specifics posted to email (Smithson email)
    • Review of new PP structure's impact on P2600 main.
  • Comments/PP review from NIAP, IPA, etc.
  • Miscellaneous PP issues:
    • Protecting offline nonvolatile storage (a.k.a. "O.PROTECT") -- require crypto or not?
    • Bridging objective: what to do? Using a SAR is not accepable in CCv3.1.
    • Assumption of secure location: in which TOE does it belong? What purpose does it serve? How to avoid conflict with threats like disk salvaging?
    • "O.GENUINE": in which TOE does it belong, and what is the driving threat or OSP or assumption? What security does it assure? Can we live with FPT_TST?
  • Informal Security Requirements for A, B, C, D: discussion, definition, decision...
  • Compliance clause - should or should not include objectives that are out of scope?
  • Issues raised on e-mail
  • CIM mapping to PP-A (Sukert)
  • P2600 Document Review
    • Clause 1-5 comments from April meeting
    • New Comments received
    • Discussion of editing strategy of P2600 main.
  • Other items
  • Next meeting details

Meeting Documents:



updated June 07, 2007
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