P2600 : Hardcopy Device and System Security



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 DRAFT P2600 Agenda Items (Starting at 9AM both days):

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Welcome from our host
  • Update and Approve Agenda
  • Review and approve December Minutes
  • IEEE Patent Policy Review
  • 2008 Meeting Schedule
  • Update on TCG (Volkoff)
  • Update on INCITS CS1 Working Group (Thrasher)
  • Update of CC Vendor's Forum (Sukert/Thrasher)
  • P2600 Sponsor Ballot Status
  • Review of Action Items from December Meeting
  • Ad Hoc Reports
    • PP Evaluation Decision ad hoc status (Nevo)
      • Decision vote (only by 12 sponsors)
    • Guide to P2600 PPs ad hoc status (Sukert)
    • SFR Assignment/Selection ad hoc status (Smithson)
  • Issues raised on e-mail
  • Protection Profiles Review (Smithson)
    • PP-A
    • PP-B
    • PP-C
    • PP-D
  • WG Ballot on PP Sponsor Ballot Results
  • Production Printing Profile (Sukert)
  • Schedule Checkpoint Review
  • Other items
  • Posting and Comment deadlines for March Meeting
  • Next meeting details

Meeting Documents:



updated February 08, 2008
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