P2600 : Hardcopy Device and System Security




This page contains links to various other or obsolete technical documents under development within the P2600 Working Group.


Other documents

Obsolete documents

Obsolete Clauses now included in Compete Draft

(NOTE: individual clauses are no longer current. Refer to Complete Draft, above)
 Clause 1: Overview DOC PDF 18a 3/03/06
 Clause 2: Normative References DOC PDF 18a 3/22/06
 Clause 3: Definitions DOC PDF 19b 5/12/06
 Clause 4: Introduction to Hardcopy Devices DOC PDF 18a 3/03/06
 Clause 5: Security Environments DOC PDF 18b 4/04/06
 Clause 6: Hardcopy Device Assets DOC PDF 18a 3/03/06
 Clause 7: Hardcopy Device Threats DOC PDF 18a 3/07/06
 Clause 8: Mitigation Techniques DOC PDF 17c 3/03/06
 Clause 9: Best Practices DOC PDF 18b 4/04/06
  Clause 7 annexes:
    Threat Methodology (now incorporated in clause 7) DOC PDF 22a 8/23/06
    Asset Valuation Methodology - - - -
  Clause 9 annex:
    Security Methodologies (now incorporated in clause 7) DOC PDF 16a 1/16/06
  Informative References
  (no longer current. Refer to Complete Draft, above)
DOC PDF 18a 3/22/06
  PP appendixes:
    Appendix A: References DOC PDF 24a 12/05/06
    Appendix B: Glossary DOC PDF 22a 08/23/06
    Appendix C: Acronyms DOC PDF 21a 07/14/06
    Appendix D: General Environmental Characterization DOC PDF 17b 05/15/06
Old proposals:
Proposed addition to Clause 4 that adds discussion of Operational Environment E for Production Systems DOC n/a 1.0 11/21/07
Proposed addition to Clause 9 that adds HCD and IT security objectives for Operational Environment E DOC n/a 1.0 11/21/07



The following organization of the document was used prior to the May 2005 meeting.

  • Draft of Standard (separate sections to facilitate editing)
    • Section 1: Introductory Material, Security Environments (4/27/05)
    • Section 2: Vulnerabilities, Threats and Exploits (4/6/05)
    • Section 3: Directives and Best Practices - now includes mitigation recommendations (4/12/05)
    • Section 4: Protection Profiles
  • Draft of Standard (combined sections in one document)
    • D1 Rev 1, includes Intro, Threats, Practices, HS-PP, and Ent-PP (5/10/05)


The following was the original idea on organizing the standard.  After some work, it was decided by the group to abandon this concept and move to the one shown above.  This information is preserved for historical reasons.




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