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Our schedule for the coming months...

        The dates & locations of the IEEE-754 Revision Group Meetings
        for the next few months are listed below.

        But for April, we schedule consecutive Wednesday & Thursday
        meetings near the middle of the month to be held in the
        afternoon from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  We do the draft review on
        Wednesday & tackle substantive issues on Thursday.

        In April, we are going to try for a shorter (in the aggregate)
        one-day meeting from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with the draft review
        in the morning & the issues of that month in the afternoon.

        (We may do something similar in other months but we only know
        how much draft review there is from one month to the next.)

        The issues for April's agenda are finishing the NaN proposal
        & tackling the specification of Extended Format.

        Hope to see you then,



           Dates                Location                     Host
        ----------      ---------------------------     -------------
            15 Apr      Arithmetica in Redwood City     Clem Meas
        12, 13 May      Intel in Santa Clara            Jeff Kidder
        16, 17 Jun      HP in Cupertino                 Jim Thomas
        21, 22 Jul      Sun in Santa Clara              Michael Parks
        18, 19 Aug      Sun in Menlo Park               David Hough

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