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Have I been struck deaf or has the impossible happened...?

        To those who toil in anonymity & their managers,

        These IEEE mailing lists (as well as others) have been
        flooded with mail of a type usually described by a term
        involving mystery meat.

        I noticed that this flood abruptly stopped about 2 weeks

        Having worked with computer support organizations in the
        past, I have some idea of how difficult an accomplishment
        this must have been.

        I also know there is some truth to the observation that
        in some cases one's job description is such that one only
        gets noticed when something goes wrong.

        Therefore, I would like to break with that tradition and
        thank you profusely for your work in this.  Your managers
        should know that this is much appreciated.

        I would also ask anyone on this list that knows those of
        whom I speak personally to pass this note on to them.

        I know there are others who feel as I do but may be too
        stunned by the deafening silence to know what hit them.

        Any time any of you visit the San Jose area, dinner is
        on me.


                                Dan Zuras

        P.S. - The prose style of this note was intentionally a
                bit odd just to make sure it got through your
                filters.  Well, that & the fact that my prose
                style is always a bit odd.  :-)

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