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Notes from June 16 IEEE 754r draft review

IEEE 754r Meeting minutes June 16, 2004
Sun, Santa Clara

Attendees:      Affiliation
Dan Zuras       Self
Alex Liu        Sun (phone)
Joe Darcy       Sun (phone)
Eric Schwartz   IBM  (phone)
David Hough     Sun
Dick Delp       Self
Jeff Kidder     Intel (minute taker)
Jim Thomas      HP
Peter Markstein HP
Michael Parks   Sun
Wendy Thrash    Cray (phone)
Stewart Oberman Nvidia (phone)

Note taker: Jeff Kidder

Pg 19 - at level 3 we use "qNaN" not "quiet NaN".

Pg 24 - "a" accepted, but likely need to change as with Pg 28.

Pg 28 - change in 1. to "r is qNaN or sNaN and nu is NaN ... r is sNaN
otherwise r is qNaN"

pg 54 - Add is754(), is754r(), is754rn()
Should these be functions of type?
David will propose some new text.

Pg 55 - Min & Max
Some proposed revisions discussed. David will rewrite
Will add minmag / maxmag

Pg 62
Remove text for Q(Min(x,y)) except for reference to Min/Max on page 55

Section N

Pg 72
Second paragraph: wordsmything on the purpose of the section.

Many changes were proposed which will appear in red or purple
in the next draft.

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