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Agenda for 4/20-21 meeting...

	The 754 meeting this month will be held at Sun in Menlo Park
	on Wednesday 4/20 (draft review) & Thursday 4/21 (issues) from
	1:00 to 5:00.  David Hough will be our host & will post details
	in the coming days.

	The votes on the proposal to make conversions on NaNs obey a
	minimal identity rule are running neck & neck.


	In keeping with our procedure for web voting, the NAY votes
	(Dick, Ivan, & I) will have time to explain our rationale to
	everyone else.  You may continue to register your votes on this
	issue until May 6 at which time the votes will be counted & the
	result announced.

	Mike would also like to talk further on our current decimal

	I am told there may be one or two guest speakers as well but
	that is not confirmed at this time.

	See you next week...


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