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While the revised procedure may be a little slow getting started, it may 
ultimately have a greater throughput than the current method. 

A couple of comments: in paragraph 3, the voting could even start right after 
the general meeting at which there was discussion. It probably should be made 
clear that individuals can change their votes during the voting period, since 
they might be moved by arguments that accompany other votes.  

BTW, should votes be required to be open, i.e. sent to the entire 
stds-754@xxxxxxxx mailing list?  I would say yes.

Best regards,

Peter Markstein
Distinguished Technologist
HP Labs, MS/1163        Tel: 650-857-6662
1501 Page Mill Road       Fax: 650-857-4146
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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Since the possibility of balloting on procedures as well as 
technical issues
was broached at the last general meeting, I've decided to try 
it myself:


is a study ballot for revising the web voting procedure.

It's inspired by our last general meeting's  failure to 
finish discussing 
any of the issues that were nominally due to close balloting 
on August 28,
with the result that they all had to be deferred for another month.

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