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Re: Paul is also talking on Wednesday...

Sorry to spam the list, but the invites sent out there have not had an indication of where these meetings will take place, and mail to Dan isn't getting through. In fact, this is the first communication to the ordinary membership (that I recall) since Dan announced that public meeting were stopping in favor of a select group. I'd kinda like to hear Zimmerman, but where?


r754@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

        Paul Zimmermann will also be giving a talk on a new result
        in complex multiply on Wednesday at 1:30.  As David had
        already reserved a room for us that day, it will be held
        there & anyone can attend.  I have read the paper.  It
        puts bounds on the roundoff error of complex multiply
        implemented in the obvious way & suggests that there might
        be an efficient method for implementing correctly rounded
        complex multiply.  Please join us there if you can.  - Dan

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