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Re: Paul is also talking on Wednesday...

And Ivan Godard writes:
 - Sorry to spam the list, but the invites sent out there have not had an 
 - indication of where these meetings will take place, and mail to Dan 
 - isn't getting through.

See the main page:
Directions were mailed: 

I try to update it when I learn of meetings, etc.

 - In fact, this is the first communication to the ordinary membership  
 - (that I recall) since Dan announced that public meeting were stopping 
 - in favor of a select group.

Sounds like you have an email problem.  The archive has a few
messages post-October:

Please respond (at least to me) if you receive this.  If I 
don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'll let the list know.  
Then hopefully someone with alternate contact information
can reach you.


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