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754r Jan 2006 meeting - location and call-in

NOTE: we'll be in a different building than at previous meetings at HP Cupertino.

The 754R meeting on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 will be in the Boise River conference room in Building 46, Upper floor, at HP's Cupertino site.  From I280, take the Wolfe Road exit and turn north onto Wolfe Rd.  Cross over the bridge and turn right at Pruneridge Ave.  Turn left at the first traffic light into the HP site.  Drive past the guard station and turn right.  Follow signs to Building 44,46 Lobby and sign in there.


For phone access call

1 877 509 3601    -    USA
(country code) 706 679 6281     -    international
passcode: 4084475781


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