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Agenda for January...


        Here is the agenda for January's meeting.  The items are in
        no particular order.  Please make sure you read the document
        mentioned under the first item well before the meeting.

        Jeff's group will present the result of the rules committee.
        You can find their revised version at either of:


        Prof Kahan wishes to speak to defaults & their effect on
        debugging issues.

        Shall we move the substantive meetings to Wednesday & have
        the draft reviews (if needed) on Thursday?  This would aid
        in a scheduling conflict that has come up for Prof Kahan
        this year & others have mentioned it might make it easier
        for those who fly into these meetings to schedule their
        return flights.

        Let us determine dates & venues for our meetings for the
        rest of the year.

                Wednesday  1/18 draft review, Jim Thomas at HP in Cupertino
                Thursday   1/19 full meeting, Jim Thomas at HP in Cupertino

                Wednesday  2/15 draft review, David Hough at Sun in Menlo Park
                Thursday   2/16 full meeting, David Hough at Sun in Menlo Park

                Wednesday  3/15 draft review, Joe Darcy at Sun in Santa Clara
                Thursday   3/16 full meeting, Joe Darcy at Sun in Santa Clara

        Any volunteers for the permanent position of 754 secretary?

        Our PAR (754Revision) expires December 2006.  Bob Davis
        will explain what we need to finish by then.

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