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Re: Tentative agenda for Ides of March Meeting...

I am a newcomer to IEEE standards process, but I believe that this motion would be out of
order in ANSI processes.  The rules for required majorities are decided by
governing policies and procedures. If we do not have a policy and procedure that requires a supermajority vote on something, then I believe a majority is all that should be required. For example, suppose a majority passes this motion M1. Then we subsequently take up a motion M2 regarding base documents, which passes by a majority but not a supermajority. I believe that that later voteM2 would be
sustained, even though it contradicts the earlier vote on M1,
because the "the body is sovereign" meaning it can change its mind.
The body cannot make a motion that removes a power inherent in the body,
because a later successful motion could always restore the power.
Therefore ordinary motions to remove a power are out of order.
Likewise a motion to never review a decision or never touch a topic
are out of order.
(A motion to revise our policies and procedures would be different,
but there are typically higher hurdles to overcome for such motions.)
If we have any parliamentarians in our midst, I suggest that they investigate this
question prior to the meeting.  Anyway, I oppose the motion.


Markstein, Peter wrote:

I'd like to suggest that item 9 (motion to require 2/3 majority) be
taken up after item 11, the motion to adopt the 2006-03-07 draft, lest
that motion to accept the Mar.7 draft be defeated by failure to achieve
a 2/3 majority.


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