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amendment to 754r motion

If a motion is made to take 754r as a working draft, I plan to propose
the following amendment:

  To remove specification for alternate exception handling (Chapter 8)
from the main body of the draft.

Rationale:  The scope of work represented in the 754r draft has proved
too large for the committee to reasonably expect to complete it in any
time close to the target schedule.  It would be easier to add a
tractable feature set to the 754 draft than to remove a sufficient
amount from the 754r draft.  If we want to continue with the 754r draft,
we must be willing to identify and defer what's too problematic, given
the difficulty and importance of everything else.

The specification for alternate exception handing requires too much
invention by programming languages.  The job of producing a
specification that has a reasonable chance of being well implemented is
too open ended for us to pursue now.

This amendment doesn't preclude moving a version of the specification to
an informative annex (though I suspect doing so would still be too great
a drain).

-Jim Thomas

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