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Re: IEEE-754R meeting next week, don't forget to vote...

On Thursday March 16, we will be having a draft review starting at 1 pm PST.

The building is the same as for the main meeting this month, Sun SCA 14, but in a different conference room, Mickey's Toon Town. The conference call information is the same. If you RSVPed for the Wednesday meeting, I entered you into Sun's visitor system for both days. If you did not RSVP for the Wednesday meeting and plan to attend the draft review in person, please send me email so I can pre-register you in the Sun visitor system.

Arriving a few minutes before 1 pm will help start the meeting on time.



Joseph D. Darcy wrote:

r754@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Beware the Ides of March...

    Just a reminder that the IEEE 754 Revisions Committee is holding
    its March meeting at Sun in Santa Clara next week on Wednesday
    March 15 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

    Our host will be Joe Darcy.  I'm sure he will be sending out a
    note in the coming days with the particulars of building, room,
    & call-in number.

This month we will be meeting in building 14 of the Sun Santa Clara Campus. The building's address is:

4140 Network Circle
Santa Clara,  CA 95054

If you plan to attend the meeting and are not a Sun employee, email me letting me know you will attend so I can enter you into the Sun visitor system. On Wednesday, we will be in the SPACE MOUNTAIN conference room, 2130.


From 101, take the San Thomas/Montague exit.  Head east on Montague
toward the hills.  After driving by the Sun campus, turn left at the
light onto Agnew Rd.  At this intersection, there will be a stone
"Rivermark" sign and a Safeway.  Drive by some of the
condos and turn left into the Sun campus.  Follow signs for buildings 12
and 14; buildings 12 and 14 share a lobby.

Call-in number:
   Toll Free Dial In Number:            (866) 839-8145
   Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:         (865) 524-6352
   ACCESS CODE:         2107800


    For the voting members (http://nonabelian.com/754/roster0602),
    please remember to vote on the advisory questions to be found at

    Also, please read http://nonabelian.com/754/IEEErequest.pdf and
    http://nonabelian.com/754/IntvlArithCsets.pdf as they pertain to
    a proposal from Dr John Pryce of the Steering Committee of the
    Interval Subroutine Library (ISL) project.

    See you next week,


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