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Re: amendment to motion of agenda item 11 (re Annexes)

Annexes E and W contain recommendations
for programming languages, where normative specification is beyond the
scope of this standard. Annexes T, A, U, and D incorporate the working
group's consensus on directions that future revisions of this standard
should address, ....

As far as I can tell, the common factor that carried
all the motions to move sections from the normative
standard to the non-normative annexes has been a desire to reduce the
scope and size of the standard, augmented by unresolvable (in the time
available) disagreements over
what the requirements should be if the annexes remained normative.

They all impact language design
decisions that some have been considered to be outside the
scope of an arithmetic standard.

So in these respects, I haven't been able to discern any noteworthy 
difference between E and W and the rest.

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