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July meeting of 754 group...

        We are meeting at Intel next week.  Roger Golliver is our host
        & will be posting date/time/directions/phone info soon.

        We have only 18 motions to consider this month but I'm sure
        there will be more by the time we meet.  Please read them &
        come prepared to vote.

        David Hough will be posting the draft as of today's style
        review in a day or so.  This is the first edit after Dave James
        homeric rewrite to bring us into conformance with the IEEE style
        guide.  In spite of the fact that it is almost exactly word for
        word the same as the old draft it looks very different.  Please
        make a point of reading it.

        After the draft motions are dealt with, I'd like to discuss (1)
        a rewrite of our scope & purpose; (2) references needed in the
        bibliography; (3) what to do with the (now deleted) purple
        prose; and (4) the Sponsor Ballot Review Subcommittee.

        Given how well we have done on much larger agendas in the past
        few months, I expect we will finish early.

        Then again, I've expected a LOT of things that haven't come true
        on this project.

        See you next week,



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