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Re: [Stds-754] Comments on draft 1.2 of 17 Sept ... NaN payloads

On Sep 18, 2006, at 11:13 AM, Michel Hack (1-914-784-7648) wrote:

Jeff Kidder wrote:
A NaN as FPD does not have a payload. Only a NaN encoding has a payload.

I buy the 1st part, but not the 2nd:  it's the representation of a NaN
that has a payload (i.e. the FPD); this can be encoded in three different
ways (one binary, two decimal).

It depends on what you mean. If you are saying that the draft as it currently reads includes NaN payloads in the representation, the I think you are mistaken:
The representation includes two nans: sNaN and qNaN.

If you are talking about how we should have done things,
are in agreement. But I think it is a little late in the game to
fight that fight again.


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