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IEEE 754R meeting Thursday September 21 2006

The next IEEE 754R meeting will take place on
Thursday September 21,
at Sun Microsystems at Menlo Park.
This meeting will start at 1pm and adjourn between 5-7pm.
 !! For all these meetings, it is very helpful to register your intention to
 !! attend in person,
 !! as far in advance as possible, to expedite your processing by Sun
 !! security. Please register by emailing me: 754r@xxxxxxxxxxx
On meeting day around 1:00pm, report to the lobby of
Sun Menlo Park Building >> 14, at 14 << Network Circle.  (Note different lobby
from previous meetings).
Sun's Menlo Park campus is located at the east end
of Willow Road (exit from 101) and near the west end of the Dumbarton
Bridge (hwy 84, exit from 880).
At 1pm I or another Sun employee
will be at the MPK14 lobby to meet visitors.    If you arrive at other
times, the receptionist will have to call the meeting room to arrange for an
escort, or call my cell phone 408-202-1102.
Persons planning to participate by phone should call
and use participant access code
  141 9264

For Sun Microsystems employess, the meeting location will be:

Room Name: SEQUOIA
Building: MPK14
Floor: 1
Room #: 1547
Date: 21-Sep-2006
Time: 12:30PM to 05:30PM
Phone: 85429/650.786.5429 

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