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Re: Conflicts between C standard and 754-2008

Fred Tydeman mentioned
C1X (currently being voted on) can be found at:

Why does this document -- claiming a base date of 2010 -- not have
even a hint of IEEE 754-2008?  The 1985 standard expired years ago...

I'm glad though that it fixes the overflow issue -- though as
Nick MacLaren points out in his stds-1788 reply, the fix now
simply leaves overflow handling for directed rounding just
plain UNDEFINED, which could be considered a step backwards.

Or does the cited extract from Annex F:
  "Functions such as strtod that convert character sequences
   to floating types honor the rounding direction."
imply a proper result definition for overflow?  I don't think
so, as returning zero could also "honor the rounding direction"!

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