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RE: Two technical questions on IEEE Std 754-2008

Chuck Stevens wrote:
If COBOL were expected by the users (or the implementors) to address
endianness, that issue would have been raised long ago.

Is COBOL really incapable of exchanging data between platforms of
different Endianness?  If so, I'll understand why my comparisons
of Endianness to the BID/DPD distinction fall mostly on deaf ears.

But if that is the case, why worry about the other encoding?  Each
COBOL implementation could pick its encoding independently, and
nobody would notice, as there would be no sources of the foreign

Either Chuck or I must be missing something here, and it would help if
a third party could step in and explain how COBOL does cross-platform
data exchange, as I find it hard to believe that this is not supported.

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