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RE: Implementor support for the binary interchange formats

Well, then, the question becomes this.  Is there an implementation (planned or actual) that supports the binary128 format directly in arithmetic and DOES NOT ALSO SUPPORT the decimal128 format in arithmetic?  You seem to indicate that the Intel architecture supports either one without prejudice. 
    -Chuck Stevens

From: marius.cornea@xxxxxxxxx
To: charles.stevens@xxxxxxxx
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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 09:02:39 -0800
Subject: RE: Implementor support for the binary interchange formats

>> Chuck Stevens wrote:

>> With all this discussion about DECIMAL interchange formats, I haven't seen much mention of the BINARY interchange formats. 

Hello Chuck,

Binary interchange formats are used whenever the IEEE 754-2008 Decimal Floating-Point arithmetic is used on Intel Architecture or equivalent processors.

In particular, this encoding is supported – among others - as the main encoding for decimal FP values in GCC (starting with version 4.4 and for systems mentioned above), in the Intel C/C++ Compiler (part of various Intel software products), and one HP C/C++ Compiler.


Marius Cornea



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