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Four questions on ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011 relative to IEEE Std 754-2008

These questions stem from the fact that the proposed COBOL standard under (what we hope is the final stage of) development references IEEE Std 754-2008 in normative text. 
I've been informed that ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559 has been approved for publication; the ISO website, however, indicates that it's at stage "50:60", which indicates "Close of voting.  Proof returned by secretariat".  What I would have expected is that it reached "50:99", "FDIS approved for publication" a couple of months ago, and should already bee at stage "60:00", "International Standard under publication".  
1)  Are the specifications in ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011 and IEEE Std 754-2008 word-for word, and section-for-section, identical?   
2)  If they are not the same, what are the differences? 
3)  What's the "real" stage of publication?  When is it expected that it will reach "60:60", "Standard published"?  
4)  Has the FULLl, "normatively-referenceable" title of what I think will be "ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011" in "shorthand", been decided?  If so, What will it be? 
Since the COBOL standard is an ISO standard, if we're referencing another standard (as we are here) that has both "ISO" and "other" versions, we need to be able to reference the ISO version, but there's concern that we can't do so if it hasn't actually been PUBLISHED by the time we enter stage "50:00", "FDIS registered for formal approval", for the COBOL standard.   

If there aren't "solid" answers in the IEEE 754 group for this, where should I go next?
 Thanks for any help on this!  
    -Chuck Stevens

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