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Test vectors for decimal floating point

Dear 754 colleagues,

As some of you know we have been developing test vectors for decimal
floating point operations at Cairo University over the past two years.
This testing suite has proved its efficacy by finding bugs:

* in the FMA and Sqrt operations of the decimal floating point library
decNumber developed by Dr. Mike Cowlishaw while at IBM. We reported the
FMA errors in July and August of 2010 and the SQRT error in December
2010 all against version 3.68.

  * in the FMA for decimal128 in the Intel decimal floating-point math
    library developed by Dr. Marius Cornea from Intel. We reported the
    errors in July 2011 against version 2.0 which was subsequently fixed
    in version 2.0 update 1 of August 2011.

  * in all the decimal64 and decimal128 designs of SilMinds floating
    point arithmetic operations. In fact this project started in order
    to verify those specific designs which were subsequently corrected. 

All the work is publicly available now at

The team is thankful to Mike Cowlishaw and Marius Cornea for developing
the SW libraries against which we were often comparing our work.

I hope that it will be useful to you all.
Hossam A. H. Fahmy
Associate Professor
Electronics and Electrical Communications Department
Cairo University

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