IEEE 754R minutes from May 29, 2003


The IEEE 754R committee met at UC Berkeley on May 29, 2003. In attendance were

Note taker: Jeff Kidder, Intel Corp.


Meeting started at 1:10 (In the grand UCB Tradition). Mike Cowlishaw (IBM) gave a 20-minute overview of Decimal Datatypes.


Call for topics:

Unnormalized Results: (collection of summary of comments)



  1. Great danger with self-formatting data -- need to mitigate
  2. Normalize the data all the time, but let the customers get what they want
  3. Deal with string manipulation rules
  4. The standard should only specify the value and not the format

More comments:

Proposal: specify the scale of the result operation as a function of the value and scale of the sources. The numeric value of an operation only depends only on the numeric values of the sources, the type of the destination, and the rounding control. The overflow and underflow thresholds are functions of the destination type, and the decision to over/under-flow depends only on the value of the sources.

A vote was held on the proposal:

The proposal was carried.


At 4:50 the question of breaking for the day was raised. Dinner options were considered. 12 or so.

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