IEEE 754R minutes from May 30, 2003


The IEEE 754R committee met at UC Berkeley on May 30, 2003. In attendance were

Note taker: Jeff Kidder, Intel Corp.


Kahan: "An ULP(x) is the difference between the two nearest representable values to x. "

Because of exponent under/overflow, the amount of available redundancy is reduced at the ends. Also, the "range" flag will get raised more near the end of the range.

We all agree that numerical values should be discussed in a radix independent way, and that we should distinguish numerical values from objects that contain additional information.

Sections: Need a separate section for people who care about the string representations. What is the ideal scaling

Yesterday's Call for topics: (*+ handled; *- TODO)

What was expected:

Discussion snippets:


Proposed language: "shall preserve properly encoded declets in the significand" [and we are silent on the exponent continuation and invalid declets] (Conditioned on the shall language being in the NaN)

Checking an implementation against the standard:

Next meeting:

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