IEEE 754R minutes from 10 December, 2003


Note taker: Eric Schwarz, IBM

Here are my notes from Day One, Day two was draft review and I didn't take notes.

Basically Laurent Fournier presented and we just went over the test case plan. Biggest discussion centered around providing just conformance tests or whether to provide correctness tests. Also, some discussion on whether it should be precision independent (more difficult for Laurent) or precision dependent.

Laurent Fournier presented "A test-suite for IEEE Standard" lasted with questions first 2 hours

Jim Thomas pointed out that standard is missing BFP to external Decimal strings operations

Sun tools for hardware test (Kahan/Liu) ... only specific to their assembler and not described

discussion of precision independent - Jim Thomas argued for tests supporting 80-82 bit

Eric Schwarz suggested 1 precision independent case for each class of testing

conformance vs correctness (Ivan)

Missing stuff:

Dan to investigate email reflector for test issues (Zuras, Kahan, Fournier, Cowlishaw, etc). Hauser will provide program to run test vectors

tidbit: "Paranoia written when IBM PC came out " (Kahan)

Next meeting: Jan 14-15 Jim Thomas HP Cupertino

Thursday was draft review.

Jan 14-15 Jim Thomas HP Cupertino
Feb 18-19 Peter Markstein HP Palo Alto
Mar 17-18 Joe Darcy Sun Santa Clara
Apr 14-15 Cowlishaw/Schwarz IBM Santa Teresa?
May 12-13 Jeff Kidder Intel Santa Clara

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