IEEE 802.1 Email Lists
Signing Off a List (Unsubscribing)

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Updated June 13, 2009

Ways to sign off

ListServ® allows you to manage subscriptions through Web pages. To use its full capabilities, you must establish a login (with a password) for each subscription address. If you want to do this, see the "Subscriber's Corner" on the IEEE's ListServ® server.

There are ways to sign off one of our lists without a ListServ® login:

  • a list-specific ListServ® Web page that does not require a login, or
  • sending an email command to the list server.
Each of these methods places certain requirements on your browser and email setup. Please read them carefully to be sure you can complete the procedure.

If you cannot meet these requirements, or for any other reason, you can always contact the list administrator for help in signing off the list. (Waiting for email exchanges just takes longer.)

Ways to sign off a list

You can sign off without a login via ListServ® Web pages. See the "Web interfaces" page for links to pages handling each of 802.1's lists.

You can also sign off by email.

You may also contact the list administrator for help.

Unsubscribing by email

Each of the links below generates an email command to sign you off (remove your address from) the corresponding list.

Requirements and restrictions are:

  • You must be able to receive email at the subscription address.
  • Your browser must be able to generate email which can be sent from the subscribed address.
    (Except for capitalization, the "From:" address on your email header must match the subscription exactly, or the request will not be recognized.)
If you cannot meet these requirements, you may use another method, or contact the list administrator for assistance.

ListServ® answers the command with a confirmation request containing instructions. You can confirm either by email or by clicking a URL. If confirmation is not received within the allowed time (several days), ListServ® discards the command.


Generate a signoff from the 802.1 list.

Generate a signoff from the 802 Architecture list.