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Updated June 13, 2009

Frequent users of IEEE lists may find it convenient to establish a login to the list server. To do so, choose the "Subscriber's Corner" link from the IEEE ListServ® main page.

The list-specific links below allow subscription requests (join or sign off) without a server login. Requirements and restrictions are:

  • You must be able to receive email at the subscription address.
  • Except for a "leave all lists" option, each page only supports requests for one list.
  • Unlike the login interface, commands must be confirmed by email.

This interface is not recommended for setting options on an existing subscription. Some changes (in particular, restarting suspended email delivery) look possible, but they don't work without a login.

Note: The Digest and Index subscription types offered by this interface do not work at all; the server doesn't support them.

For each command, you must specify the subscription's email address. A confirmation request is sent to that address, with instructions for responding either by email (not difficult), or using a Web link (even easier).

Most commands take effect as soon as ListServ® receives the confirmation. For a new subscription, you should receive a "Welcome" notice from the server. (The notice contains useful information; you should save it.) After that, you should start receiving list email, unless you subscribed with the NOMAIL option.