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File naming conventions

When creating and uploading files intended for the access via the 802.1 website, please ensure that you follow the filename conventions below. The website is automated using scripts which rely on standardized filenaming conventions to create the web pages. Additionally, following the conventions makes it easier for people downloading a file to identify it. Filenames should contain exactly one dot (period), used to separate the filename from the 3-character extension indicating the content-type of the file (e.g., pdf for Adobe PDF documents). It is critical that filenames do not include spaces, hash signs, or other unusual characters. Please use only alphanumeric characters, hyphens and exactly one period.

Files in the Drafts directories

The private directories are at /web/infotree/groups/802/1/files/private. Each project has a directory here called xx-drafts, which should contain only other directories, one for each draft, called d0, d1, etc. All drafts 1.x for example reside in d1.

These directories contain draft standards (with and without changebars), comment dispositions (proposed or agreed), and MIBs. Some of these come in multiple versions. Each type of document has a corresponding filename format shown in the table below.

Filename templateDocument
802-1xx-dM-N.xtn802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N). "xtn" is a filename extension, such as ".pdf".
802-1xx-dM-N-cb.xtn802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N) with changebars.
802-1xx-dM-N-pdis-vVER.xtn802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N) proposed comment dispositions, optionally version-numbered VER.
802-1xx-dM-N-dis-vVER.xtn802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N) agreed comment dispositions (usually called just "comment dispositions"), optionally version-numbered VER.
802-1xx-dM-N-mib.txt802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N) MIB.
802-1xx-dM-N.mib802.1xx, draft M (or optionally M.N) MIB (alternate naming convention).

Files in the Public Documents directories

The public documents directories are at /web/infotree/groups/802/1/files/public. They are divided by calendar year of upload date, with docs2007 containing documents from 2007 for example. As with private documents, a "-cb" suffix can optionally be added before the filename extension to indicate the presence of change bars. Please note the date format is MMYY, that is, two digit month followed by two digit year! Do not include any spaces or unusual characters in the filename!

Filename templateDocument
xx-shortname-title-mmyy-vNN.xtnPresentation or document for project xx, authored by shortname with title title, dated MMYY, optionally version-numbered NN. "xtn" is a filename extension, such as ".pdf".
new-subj-shortname-title-mmyy-vNN.xtnPresentation or document for proposed project subj, authored by shortname with title title, dated MMYY, optionally version-numbered NN.
admin-shortname-title-mmyy-vNN.xtnNon-project administrative presentation or document, authored by shortname with title title, dated MMYY, optionally version-numbered NN.
liaison-shortname-title-mmyy-vNN.xtnliaison statement authored by shortname with title title, dated MMYY, optionally version-numbered NN.

Upload a file to the 802.1 website

When uploading files to the 802.l website, please name your file according to the conventions above. Files which don't follow the conventions will be rejected by the task group chair. Your file will be uploaded to the private contributions area pending correct placement by the task group chair. Other participants can download it from there, but the file will be moved to its proper place in due course. When uploading a file, please provide a brief description, which will one day be used on the website. Here is the upload form.

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