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Data Center Bridging Task Group

The Data Center Bridging (DCB) Task Group (TG) is a part of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group. For general information, please refer to the 802.1 home page.

The charter of the DCB TG is to provide enhancements to existing 802.1 bridge specifications to satisfy the requirements of protocols and applications in the data center. Existing high-performance data centers typically comprise multiple application-specific networks that run on different link layer technologies; e.g. Fibre Channel for storage, InfiniBand for high-performance computing, Ethernet for network management and LAN connectivity. The first set of specifications from this TG enabled 802.1 bridges to be used for the deployment of a converged network where all applications can be run over a single physical infrastructure.

Next, the DCB TG worked to address the impact of of server virtualization technology on bridged networks through specifications for Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) and Port Extenders.

Active projects

Completed projects

Withdrawn projects

Conference calls

There are currently no regularly scheduled conference calls. Information about any calls will be posted to the 802.1 reflector.

In case a call is held, participants will be required to review the IEEE patent policy prior to the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Thaler, the DCB TG chair.

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