IEEE Standards Board:
Project Authorization Request (PAR) Form

1. Sponsor Date of Request:

2. Assigned Project Number:

3. PAR Approval Date:
9 Dec. 1997

4. Project Title, Copyright Agreement, and Working Group for this Project

I will write/revise a Standards Publication with the following TITLE: STANDARD [FOR] Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Local area networks - Media access control (MAC) bridges - Supplement for support by IEEE 802.11

I hereby acknowledge my appointment as Official Reporter (usually the W.G. Chair) to the IEEE P802.11, Working Group for Wireless LANs

In consideration of my appointment and the publication of the Standards Publication identifying me, at my option, as an Official Reporter, I agree to avoid knowingly incorporating in the Standards Publication any copyrighted or proprietary material of another without such other's consent and acknowledge that the Standards Publication shall constitute a "work made for hire" as defined by the Copyright Act, and, that as to any work not so defined, I agree to and do hereby transfer any right or interest I may have in the copyright to said Standards Publication to the IEEE

Signature of Official Reporter: ____was signed on_______________ Date: Oct 23, 1997

Name of Working Group Chair: Vic Hayes
Title: Chair, IEEE P802.11 IEEE Member No: 01550144
Company: Lucent Technologies Nederland B.V.
1-10 Zadelstede
Nieuwegein       3431 JZ
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 30 609 7528
FAX: +31 30 609 7556

5. Describe This Project:

  1. Update an existing PAR     Yes  X  No
    (Indicate PAR Number/Approval Date.)
    Is this project in ballot now?     Yes   X  No
        REVISION of an existing standard. (Indicate Standard Number and Year):
     X  SUPPLEMENT to an existing standard (Indicate Standard Number and Year): IS 10038/802.1D-1993
  3.  X  FULL USE (5-year life cycle)
        TRIAL USE (2-year life cycle)
  4. TARGET COMPLETION DATE for submittal to IEEE Standards Review Committee (REVCOM): June 1998

6. Scope of Proposed Project: To add a subclause under 2.5 Support of the Internal Sublayer Service by Specific MAC Procedures to cover bridge operation with IEEE 802.11 MACs. This supplement to IS 10038 (802.1D) will be developed by the 802.11 Working Group in cooperation with the 802.1 Working Group. Therefore, the project receives an 802.11 number

7. Purpose of Proposed Project: To provide the required 802.11 specific information to the IS 10038 (802.1D) standard

8. Sponsor: Computer Society

Society/Committee: Computer Society/LMSC


(a.1) Are you aware of any patents relevant to this project?    Yes (Attach Expl.)
 X No

(a.2) Are you aware of any copyrights relevant to this project?    Yes (Attach Expl.)
 X No

(a.3) Are you aware of any trademarks relevant to this project?    Yes (Attach Expl.)
 X No

(b) Are you aware of any other standards or projects with a similar scope?    Yes (Attach Expl.)
 X No

(c) Is this standard intended to form the basis of an international project?  X Yes
   No (Attach Expl.)
   Do not know

(d) Is this project intended to focus on health, safety or environmental issues?    Yes (Attach Expl.)
 X No
   Do not know

10. Proposed Coordination/Recommended Method of Coordination

  1. Mandatory Coordination
    SCC 10 (IEEE Dictionary) and IEEE Staff Editorial Review by Circulation of Drafts
    SCC 14 (Quantities, Units and Letter symbols) by Circulation of Drafts
  2. IEEE Coordination requested by Sponsor:
    US TAG for JTC1/SC6/WG1&3  X Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.

  4. Additional Coordination Requested by Others:
    Leave Blank -- to be completed by staff
    ______________________    Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.
    ______________________    Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.
    ______________________    Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.
    ______________________    Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.
    ______________________    Circ./drfts    liais. memb.    com. memb.

11. Submitted By:

Signature of Submitter:____was signed on_____________________     Date: _30 Oct 97____
IEEE Member No: 05572953

Name: Jim Carlo Title: IEEE 802/LMSC Sponsor Chair
Company: Texas Instruments
9208 Heatherdale Drive
Dallas TX       76243-6332
Telephone: +1 214 480 2524
FAX: +1 214 480 2611


Signature IEEE Officer:__was signed by Don Loughry on___ Date:9 Dec. 1997

Title:_______V.P. Standards_________________________________________